Post date: 10/24/2018

The Cannabis industry has geared up to seek some attention from the President of the United States through a Wall Street Journal ad. The ad addresses President Donald Trump, requesting him to make an easy path for marijuana businesses in the United States. As the Federal Government is still not in favor of legalizing cannabis, it is difficult for medical stores or recreational marijuana businesses to grow properly. Hence, the ad has been published to seek attention from the US President in this regard.

According to the ad, it states that the businesses related to marijuana have growing economic potential in the United States. According to the current situation, the marijuana and cannabis industry is growing faster compared to other industries. It not only has commercial perspective but also has employment opportunities as well.

Another point that the ad explains is that Canada is becoming a threat to national cannabis business in the industry. As cannabis is still not legalized in America, marijuana banking and investment solutions are not growing as well. This is a big obstruction to the growth of the industry. Also, the Canadian government will start its Adult-Use Program soon in regards to using of cannabis while America is still struggling with cannabis payment processing, trading, buying, selling or sometimes transportation. The threat is growing more serious as Canada is progressing rapidly and looking to move into the weak American market.

Peterson, the ad’s author, has stated that he will soon launch a media campaign that will include television ads as well to help the industry news spread more. There are many cannabis companies that are currently lacking capital and the means to obtain it, with Canadian companies ready to invest and seize the American Market. This could lead to a loss in American companies and the business owners.

Peterson is keen to attract the President’s attention to this matter as soon as possible so that the potential in the market can be realized through proper capitalization and investment from across America.


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