Post date: 5/24/2019

Washington State Government has passed two critical Bills recently that will improve Medical Marijuana in the state. There are two Bills; the Washington Governor has passed namely Ducky Law and HB 1094. The two consecutive bills will help patients who are unable to move from their places due to their conditions.

  • Bill 1: Ducky Law:

A 9-year old, River “Ducky” Barclay is suffering from a rare disease that requires marijuana-infused medicines. Due to her extreme health conditions, she is unable to move from her home to collect her medicine. Looking at such issues, the Bill was passed where the students now can get their marijuana medicines from their school.

Irrespective of any difference between the limit of THC and CBD, the medicines will be available for the patients who are allowed to have marijuana-infused drugs and also are enlisted under the Marijuana Authorised Database. These students do not have to travel in order to get their medicines.

Along with Students, the parents can also benefit from the Bill Ducky Law. The Bill’s qualifying conditions are extended to the parents of these students as well. Parents, school employees, and students – all of them can access these medicines only if they are registered under the MAD and have permission to administer the medication.

  • Bill 2: HB 1094:

This Bill is established for qualifying patients. Every patient has to renew their registration after a stipulated time. To register their qualifying conditions under the Marijuana Authorization Database, the patients are required to be present in person. Also, the patients have to click their pictures in the medical shops where they are buying their substances.

However, according to this new Bill HB 1094, the requirements will no longer be mandated as mentioned earlier. Through telemedicine technology, patients can renew their registration and also update their qualifying conditions without being presen.

These Bills have many terms and conditions so that all the patients, guardians and related people would not violate any rules from Federal Law. As the Federal Law has not legalized Marijuana Infused Medicines, the state is careful about not attempting anything that can put the patients in trouble under federal law.

The father of Ducky is pleased and overwhelmed that the Bill has been passed. He and his daughter Ducky had initiated the appeal for having such laws in the state.

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