Post date: 1/23/2019

During the 5th Annual Washington State Cannabis Summit, Governor Jay Inslee has raised the curtain of a new program in the state. He made an announcement about the marijuana Conviction Pardon Program. Under this program Cannabis, Convicted people will get a pardon if they fulfill all the criteria the officials have for the program.

The Marijuana Justice Initiative

Under this initiative, convicted people can file a petition to Governor Inslee. The petition should be filed online only. Some of the marijuana convictions will be pardoned if the following criteria are fulfilled.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Conviction should be made between the years 1998 (1st January) and 2005 (5th December). Any other conviction occurred before or after the mentioned years will not be considered.
  • The conviction must be an adult one for offensive marijuana consumption or possession.
  • The conviction has to be the only criminal case against the person in concern. People with other criminal cases will not be allowed to file the petition under the initiative.
  • The entire case or conviction must be prosecuted under the Washington State Law. Cases under the local bodies or other ordinance than state law will be prosecuted.
  • Those, who do not fulfill the criteria mentioned above but want to file the petition for the same, then they can file their petition under the Clemency and Pardon Board.

Reasons behind the initiative

The main idea behind this Marijuana Justice Initiative is for the people of the state. Several cases are running since decade which are not even punishable now. People who are affected by these cases should be pardoned.

This initiative is taken so that people who are involved in such cases, can be freed and move on in their life. According to the Governor, these court cases affect not only the person but his/her family, work and life immensely. The Washington Marijuana Justice Initiative will help them to get rid of such criminal cases and move on.

Announcement and Participation

During the announcement made by the Governor, there were cannabis industry professionals, manufacturers, business owners and advocates were present. Cannabis industry stakeholders and other related business owners were there as well.

According to the research, nearly 3500 individuals are eligible for this initiative as of now. The officials are hopeful that in future the number may increase.

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