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Legal restrictions can make it difficult for those in the marijuana industry to market their products and specials. It is important to bring in new traffic and provide an exceptional dispensary experience. This can result in repeat customers, increase traffic, and drive sales. It is important to provide new customers with exceptional service, a welcoming environment, and financial incentives. Creating this superior experience with keep them coming back and improve your brand image. The following information will explore the importance of new customers and how to attract them to your dispensary.

The Importance of New Customers in Your Dispensary 

how to attract new customers to my dispensary

New customers can be overly nervous, excited, or awkward on their first visit to your marijuana dispensary. There is a potential for new customers to become repeat customers if they receive an exceptional experience. Customer loyalty is crucial for marijuana dispensaries because people will often go out of their way to shop only at their favorites. This can be based on several factors,
·      Friendly and Educated Staff
·      Clean, Organized Environment
·      Expansive, Reliable, and Quality of Inventory
·      Pick-Up and Delivery Options
·      Payment Options
Providing new customers with an exceptional experience will result in happier customers. These customers are then likely to improve your brand image through social media and word-of-mouth.

Establish the Brand Image of Your Dispensary 

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New customers need to be aware that your dispensary exists and is worth their time to explore. Dispensaries must establish a positive brand image to accomplish this. Build your brand image is based on values that are important uniquely to you and your consumer base.  After developing the core values of your business, it is important to create an online presence through Google, social media, Yelp, etc. Offer incentives such as points to customers for leaving anonymous reviews. This feedback is more likely to be positive if customers are being rewarded for doing so.

Offer a Variety of Marijuana Options 

How to get new customer for a marijuana business

It is crucial to offer customers a range of marijuana medication options. Your inventory needs to be neatly labeled and identifiable, but not intimidating to new customers. Discover which products that your customers enjoy the most by asking questions and taking notes. Be sure to provide products that are popular, including:
·      Smokeable Flower
·      Concentrates
·      Capsules
·      Oils
·      Transdermal Patches
·      Edibles
·      Various Other Forms

It is also important to offer customers your inventory online and provide them with services, including curbside pick-up and delivery. Customers also appreciate multiple forms of payment options at marijuana dispensaries. Many dispensaries make the wise choice of investing in financial processing solutions that are specific to the cannabis industry. Paybotic offers numerous financial processing products and services to dispensaries across the country.

New Dispensary Customers Are Driven by Financial Incentives 

how to create financial incentives for a dispensary business

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Customer loyalty programs are crucial for attracting new customers. There are several key elements to running a successful program that is cost-efficient and effectively pleases new customers. Customers choose their dispensary based on what makes your dispensary unique. Don’t be shy in sharing why your dispensary is superior to others in the area. You must also be sure to offer new patrons incentives that make them want to return.

Offer Same Day Sign-Up Discounts

Customers often join a dispensary loyalty program that does not make them wait for discounts. It is often more effective to offer new customers a same-day percentage off discount for signing up. This is a quick and immediate gratification for the customer and often an effective form of marketing.

Reward Referrals 

It is important to reward not only the customer who makes a referral but the new customer as well. Rewarding new customers for shopping at your dispensary will make them feel valued, appreciated, and more likely to become regular customers.

Offer Unique Deals

Get creative when marketing your products. Dispensaries often offer bulk specials but forget to offer specials on regular items. Offer specials on wraps, papers, bongs, and other merchandise as well.  You can also offer special discounts for senior citizens, veterans, early birds, etc.

Communicate with Customers

SMS marketing is the most effective form of communicating with consumers. You can use SMS and/or email to send new customers special offers for signing-ups and/or
points for returning.

Provide Customers an Exceptional First Experience at Your Dispensary

how to build an incentive program for a cannabis business  

New customers are likely to be inexperienced regarding marijuana and may feel uncomfortable inside your dispensary. It is crucial your staff members are educated and trained to share any information that the customer may need about different marijuana options. Staff will need to understand the different forms, methods of ingestion, and levels of THC and CBD in the type of marijuana. If your area has recently legalized marijuana, this is likely to be a large portion of your potential customers. To provide the best experience you must ensure that your staff is welcoming, friendly, and experienced. You must also ensure that your dispensary is well stocked, organized, and clean.

Bring in Foot Traffic

Investing in attractive signs that feature your business’s unique vibe, inventory, and specials is a great way to attract new customers. This method is especially effective for dispensaries that are located in plazas, strip malls, or other walkable locations.

Form Business Relationships

Another way to attract new customers is to form relationships with other businesses in the area. Offer incentives to customers who are also patrons at the other business and vice versa. Together you can develop a plan to increase traffic and sales for both parties.

Dispensary Financial Solutions by Paybotic  

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It is also important for marijuana dispensaries to provide their customers with payment options that meet their specific needs. Paybotic provides advanced technology, products, and services for marijuana dispensaries throughout the United States. Contact Paybotic today to learn more about their unique, personalized, and cost-efficient financial solutions and services.


Post date: 9/3/2021
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