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The marijuana industry is thriving in the United States as more states open their minds and relax their laws regarding this alternative medicine. Marijuana dispensaries need to develop a loyal customer base to successfully stand out among competitors. Repeat customers will make recommendations to their friends, family, colleagues, on social media, and by word-of-mouth.

Dispensaries must provide customers with an exceedingly positive experience to impress customers and encourage them to return. There are several factors that must be met to achieve this, including providing exceptional customer service, expansive inventory options, and effective financial incentives.

Repeat customers are a necessary and critical portion of your sales. There are several things that dispensaries must do to keep these patrons loyal. The following informational guide was created to help dispensary owners build customer loyalty, achieve repeat customers, and increase traffic and sales.

Marijuana Continues to Thrive

Best loyalty programs for a dispensary

Marijuana has changed the lives of countless people who are burdened by a wide range of conditions, illnesses, and/or injuries. Marijuana is a safer, more effective medication than dangerous synthetic drugs.

Marijuana is a thriving and ever-evolving industry that is expected to continue growing for many years to come. Minds are becoming increasingly positive about the benefits of cannabis due to education, accessibility, and experiences.

A marijuana dispensary is a wise business investment as states throughout the nation continue to legalize marijuana for medical and recreational use. Marijuana dispensaries offer customers a range of medication options that depend on the unique laws in each state.

Marijuana dispensaries typically offer:

  •           Smokeable Flower
  •           Concentrates
  •           Edibles
  •           Oils
  •           Transdermal Patches
  •           Topicals
  •           More…

How To Build Customer Loyalty at Your Dispensary?

dispensary loyalty programs

It can be difficult to stand out amongst the increasing number of marijuana dispensaries. A wide variety of products is an important factor in keeping customers satisfied.

Creating An Exceptional Dispensary Experience

The key to building a loyal customer base is to provide an exceptional experience that cannot be achieved elsewhere. These factors and expectations will be unique to each individual customer. Customers report several key factors that determine whether or not they are satisfied with a dispensary experience, including:

  •     Knowledge Staff
  •     Expansive Inventory
  •     Consistent Quality
  •     Reliable Marijuana Stock
  •     Loyalty Programs
  •     Online Access to Medications
  •     Delivery and Pick-up Options
  •     Location

It is also important for dispensaries to provide a clean, organized environment with friendly staff to greet them upon entering. Making your customers feel important and welcome is crucial to their return.

Get to Know Your Customers

You can increase the likelihood of customer retention by creating a unique and personalized experience. This can be accomplished by getting to know your customers. Ask them open questions and do not hesitate to educate them on what makes your dispensary unique.

You can also take notes and track your repeat customers. Make these customers feel special by remembering their favorite products. You should also consider notifying customers when their favorite strain or products are in stock.

Reward Customers with Financial Incentives

Many customers become loyal to a dispensary because of their financial incentives and loyalty programs. Special pricing to loyal customers makes them feel important and appreciated. These programs can be the point, cash, merchandise, or coupon-driven. These programs are a fun way to develop a loyal client base. You can also send repeat customers special savings coupons to make them feel appreciated.

Track and Review Customer Experiences

It is critically important to collect honest and reliable feedback from your customers. This active engagement in the customer experience creates trust by making the customer feel valued. Customers are more likely to leave reviews when they are dissatisfied. If you offer incentives, such as loyalty programs points, patrons are more likely to leave reviews regarding their positive experiences.

It is important to provide customers the opportunity to leave reviews anonymously and to respond to feedback appropriately.

Continuous Improvement

It is crucial for dispensary owners to respond to criticism in a mature, respectful, and effective manner.

Negative reviews are not pleasant to receive but are the key to providing customers with consistent improvement. You must be receptive to customer reviews to improve areas that may need attention.

Improvements may be necessary for employee training, education, or inventory options.

Get Creative

Find new ways to show customers that they are valued and appreciated members of your business. Making customers feel important is crucial in obtaining their loyalty.

Encourage and reward customers when they use social media to promote your business. Offer customers referral incentives. There are endless ways to get creative with these rewards systems.

Customers Value Payment Options

It is important that customers are offered numerous ways to pay for their purchases. There are payment and banking solutions that provide financial solutions specific to the cannabis industry.

Many dispensaries choose to enlist the services of Paybotic for their reliable services, experienced professionals, and competitive pricing.

The Importance of Loyal Customers

how to build customer loyalty for your dispensary

When customers discover their favorite marijuana dispensary, they will often go out of their way to remain loyal to their brand.

Loyal customers constitute the majority of business traffic and sales. They are also critically important in generating new customer traffic and creating a positive online presence for your brand through social media platforms.

These customers will continue to support your business through a relationship that has been built on trust.

Contact Paybotic

Cannabis payment processing

Paybotic is the medical marijuana industry’s leading financial solutions provider. Their team of professionals strives to provide dispensaries with a full range of products, services, and the technology required to run a successful business. Dispensaries choose Paybotic because they work to find the most effective, cost-efficient financial solutions.

Reach out to Paybotic today to learn more about their advanced technology, products, and services.

Post date: 9/3/2021
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