As you start your cannabis dispensary, you will realize the importance of Standard Operating Procedures, also known as SOPs, in creating a productive sales environment. SOPs are often required as part of cannabis business state licensing applications. They are effective tools to share with employees to ensure efficiency and safety.

What Are SOPs?

Cannabis Retailer Guide to Dispensary Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

SOPs reflect steps in processes and procedures of an organization. For example, a retail cannabis business will have SOPs for sales transactions, security procedures, human resource management practices, and other critical processes. Effective SOPs include detailed information that is updated regularly. In the cannabis industry, SOPs must reflect the required content by the state licensing agency, so it is critical that your business has SOPs that provide clear and logical guidance for everyday activities.

SOPs play a key role in creating a positive work environment and expectations of team work. Employees thrive when they have clear directions. Also, SOPs give employees clear steps to carrying out critical procedures.

Why Are SOPs Important for Cannabis Retailers?

Cannabis Retailer Guide to Dispensary Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

SOPs establish routine practices and expectations that support employee success. They offer clear guidance to employees, which contributes to increased safety, security, and performance. They create a sense of consistency among employees; for example, all purchasers will receive the same quality of customer service.

SOPs potentially increase profits. SOPs allow companies to formalize successful practices and change ineffectual or confusing directions. As cannabis businesses evolve, they will identify processes that lead to greater revenue. Businesses can use assessment data to refine SOPs and update and share regularly.

SOPs help a business and individual employees stay compliant.  SOPs are valuable tools for many reasons, but one critical reason is to help cannabis retailers stay compliant. SOPs help new employees adapt to policies and procedures quickly and effectively. For example, explicit SOPs regarding processing returned products will help ensure that employees are following state compliance requirements.

SOPs reduce risk of personal harm, financial losses and other risks.  For example, if employees follow systematic inventory SOPs, dispensaries will have less financial loss. SOPs also reinforce the accountability of all staff.

SOPs streamline your transactions, customer service efforts, and daily retail store procedures such as opening and closing tasks. For example, SOPs can include a checklist of important closing activities so no steps are overlooked.

SOPs detail the procedures for all aspects of dispensary functioning from new employee training, customer consultations, inventory procedures, and more.

Tips for Writing Cannabis Dispensary SOPs

Cannabis Retailer Guide to Dispensary Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

There are many available resources to facilitate the SOP development process; software and templates are a good starting point, and it is highly recommended to consult a local expert to assist with including information specific to your dispensary.

Reviewing your SOP needs with an expert ensures you have the protocols needed for licensing applications and subsequent business implementation plans. They can help with any local environmental and sociocultural factors you need to consider in terms of compliance. Allot enough time for this important part of business planning and be prepared to revise SOPs to reflect your dispensary’s evolving operational needs and state and legal policy developments.

If you are planning on starting a business and seeking licensing approval, it is never too early to start creating these essential documents. Many, if not all, states will require submission of SOPs with your application. For example, cannabis retail dispensaries need to have SOPs for delivery services, security, sales transactions, and other business components.

To help you prepare for the application process and implementation of these processes, this section will review some tips for writing SOPs for cannabis payment processing.

If you already have opened your business, it is important to regularly update SOPs. Disseminate the SOPs with your team to ensure maximum transparency. An informed team is a successful team!

SOPs: Creating a solid foundation for a successful cannabis dispensary

 Effective SOPs will:

  • Support employee success
  • Increase revenue
  • Maintain compliance
  • Reduce business risks
  • Streamline transactions

Establish a successful foundation by writing clear, detailed cannabis payment processing SOPs in order to limit risk and increase revenue.

If you have questions about cannabis dispensary SOPs that focus on dispensary debit card processing, ACH/eCheck, or other payment solutions, our team of experts will help you with your questions and connect you with the best partners to fulfill your cannabis payment processing needs.

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Post date: 9/17/2021
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