One of the most effective cannabis payment processing practices is the integration of a dispensary website and a point of sale (POS) system. This kind of strategic integration benefits a dispensary in many ways, including more efficient transactions, increased revenue, and improved compliance practices.  

What is the benefit of having your POS system integrated with your dispensary website? 

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Dispensary staff and customers will appreciate how integration contributes to easier payment transactions, better inventory tracking, and many other functions. Many industries opt for integration, but you should select software designed for the cannabis industry because of its specialized functionality. Cannabis-oriented POS systems will allow you to scale up more efficiently as you grow your dispensary.  

Benefits for the dispensary customer: 

Integration enhances the shopping and purchasing experience. The purchaser has a real-time inventory of products and can surf your website while filling their electronic shopping cart with cannabis products. Some dispensary POS systems include a status count of how many products are left or if a product is completely out of stock. All of these factors are critical for e-commerce, and many purchasers tend to use their phones in the dispensary to comparison shop and check inventory. Those who pre-order often add other items when they come in to pick up their order, so there is potential to upsell when purchasers have started an order more effectively. 

A dispensary can expand its satisfied and loyal customer base and analyze sales trends with POS integration. You can create a rewards program and automated discounts to ensure your customers keep returning. 

Benefits for the dispensary: 

This integration also benefits the dispensary staff in terms of real-time inventory in several ways:

  • They can streamline transactions and reduce any frustration customers might experience in response to low or no stock items.
  • Customers are served more quickly, which results in more efficient sales transactions and greater revenue.
  • Some dispensaries also use data insights gained from the POS system to identify employees who need training in specific areas in order to boost their sales performance.
  • POS integration allows dispensaries an easy way to analyze customer traffic and plan marketing campaigns.
  • The POS system makes inventory count processes much easier and more accurate. A solid POS system will make days, especially busy sale and promotion days a lot more manageable in terms of inventory updates and completing sales transactions quickly.

Although some dispensaries start with general retail POS systems that are used by other industries, a cannabis-oriented POS tends to have customized features such as the capability to print compliant receipts and labels, create transaction limit alerts that reflect state regulations, and interface with state tracking systems such as METRC. Some POS are designed to account for inventory at multiple site dispensaries. 

Tips for Integrating your POS and Cannabis Dispensary Website

You may have started with a build from scratch website that will allow you to further customize as you grow. In this case, you can add a POS that links to the product information on your website.

Many dispensary owners recommend contracting a web designer to assist you with technical integration. A web designer to evaluate the effectiveness of your website and advise the best way to interface with your POS. 

Make sure your SOPs reflect the integration so that you can bring employees up to date with changes in cannabis processing procedures. Regular review and “refresher” training on the use of the POS and website will optimize systems including inventory practices, customer service, and planning sales campaigns. 

Integrating with Third-Party Menus

Some dispensaries choose to sync with a third-party menu like Leafly or I Heart Jane. This strategy allows customers to comparison shop across dispensaries and places a pick-up order. Third-party menu options are not available in every state, so check your state policy on third-party menu use.

Optimize your Dispensary Processes with POS Integration 

POS and website integration is the crown jewel in a full suite of cannabis payment processing services. It is a critical way to streamline inventory and compliance reporting processes and offer real-time inventory updates. If you have not implemented this step or are considering this development, you may want to start an integration plan to take your dispensary operations to the next level. If you so opt for integration, frequently check your state’s cannabis regulations as you develop and revise your POS. 

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Post date: 9/29/2021
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