It can be confusing for business owners in the cannabis industry to comply with the ever-changing laws and regulations. Great effort is required for business owners to properly manage their expenses, employees, products, etc. Investing in the right software can make managing your cannabis operation easier, more productive, and reap countless other benefits.

Seed-to-sale software programs are all-inclusive applications that are necessary to run successful cannabis cultivation operations. This software provides cultivators with the tools to manage their business, including tracking, monitoring, recording, and financial planning.

Many entrepreneurs are not aware of the importance of seed-to-sale software and how it can help their business. We examine seed-to-sale software and its role in managing a cannabis cultivation operation.

Seed-to-Sale Software Is All-Inclusive

Seed-to-sale software for a cannabis business

Seed-to-sale software is advanced software that tracks and records every stage of the cannabis supply chain. This process begins with growing (seed), manufacturing, testing, distribution, and sales.

To be classified as seed-to-sale software a product must meet the following criteria:

  •       Be able to track cannabis products from growth to sale.
  •       Legal Tools
  •       Manage Supply Chain
  •       Manage Distribution

Depending on which sector of business that your cannabis operation is classified as will determine which type of software you need. Dispensaries, for example, do not need an all-inclusive seed-to-sale software program because they do not need this spectrum of tools and capabilities.

Benefits of Seed to Sale Software

Seed-to-sale software can help business owners better manage their cannabis cultivation efforts. This software has to ability to improve the ease of operations, eliminate many challenges, and provide numerous benefits, including:

  •       Increased Productivity
  •       Real-Time Insight
  •       Accounting Software
  •       Location Specific Workflows
  •       Minimize Risk of Human Error
  •       Track Staff Performance
  •       Track Past and Present Trends
  •       Predict Future Trends
  •       Prevent Non-Compliance

It is important for cultivators to remain compliant in all operations. Thankfully, advanced software also has the ability to change when compliance regulations are updated.

Role in Cannabis Cultivation Management

In cannabis cultivation, it is necessary to invest in seed-to-sale software for successful, organized operations. The benefits of the tools provided have the potential to increase yields, productivity, and efficiency. Cultivators can use this software for several tasks, including:

  •       Track All Expenses (labor, lighting, etc.)
  •       Record Keeping
  •       Scheduling
  •       Reports
  •       Waste Tracking

This software also has the ability to allow management to know which employees are handling which cannabis plants at any given time. This provides management with peace of mind and helps ensure that the integrity of the business remains intact. The ability to track and monitor employee efforts can also reveal any potential threats before they become serious issues.

Record Keeping is Critical

Having adequate software is important for tracking and recording all aspects of your operations. This is important for several aspects of your business, including financial, product, and buyer information.

Seed-to-sale software makes record keeping easy by eliminating the need for dual record keeping and data entry.

There are many costs associated with operating a cannabis cultivation business. This can include equipment, labor, water, lighting, and more. Make sure that you document all expenses. These records are important for tax purposes and can be used for cost-saving deductions.

Analyze, Track, and Increase Yields

Seed-to-sale software provides cultivators with job-specific tools that have the potential to increase operation efforts. This software has the ability to predict yields by recording and monitoring the care of your cannabis plants, including watering cycles, pesticides, nutrients, and more.

There are also tools to record and track the progress and outcomes when cross-breeding plants, storing genetic data and results.

Software Options

what is Seed-to-sale software

Business owners often stress about choosing the right software, and rightfully so. It can be difficult to train employees to use programs that are difficult to navigate. Experience has also shown that employees will not use tools that do not benefit and/or lighten their workloads. Be sure that you have the support and input of your employees before investing in any software.

A seed-to-sale program will include all cannabis tools necessary for cultivators, but other sectors may opt for a cannabis program more specific to their operation. This is fine but it is important to ensure that any software program chosen is specific to the cannabis industry. This is important for maintaining a compliant operation in all sectors.

Determine which tools your operation needs to run successfully, and which will not be beneficial.  Read reviews, review cannabis business magazines, and ask associates about different software options.

Factors to consider when choosing software include:

  •       Cost Vs. Value
  •       Tools
  •       Ease of Use
  •       Technical Support
  •       Creditability

Ask to speak to a representative directly before making any purchases. If the company cannot speak with you, do not invest in their products or services. This is a red flag. Ask the representative about their unique approach regarding cannabis compliance.

It is also wise to ask about the ease of use, technical support, and how easily you can access your data. A software program that allows business owners to quickly access their data, including inventory logs and other documents, is crucial.

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Post date: 9/3/2021
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