State-Specific Cannabis Dispensary Regulation for Alaska

Marijuana business licenses in Alaska are tied to a physical location, so finding somewhere to operate is the first step to obtaining a license and opening a dispensary. Any brick-and-mortar location must abide by local ordinances and zoning codes. Operators will also need to demonstrate that they own or rent the property—or that they are in the process of obtaining a lease agreement—in order to be approved.

Once a cannabis company is approved, it will need to adhere to all dispensary regulations set forth by AMCO. These include:

Cannabis retailers must report and track all marijuana products from the time they enter the store’s possession until they are sold, transferred, or discarded. In Alaska, the Marijuana Enforcement Tracking Reporting & Compliance (METRC) verification system is used for seed-to-sale tracking and reporting. All dispensaries must use a system that can transfer tracking information to METRC.

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How Paybotic Can Help with Cannabis Payment Processing in Alaska

Paybotic offers solutions that streamline the payment processing and help cannabusinesses adhere to stage regulations:

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