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Paybotic is a Proud Partner of OpptyCan

OpptyCan Is Your Technology Partner For The CBD and Hemp Industry

The B2B Marketplace connects every part of the CBD and Hemp industry’s supply chain. Begin posting your products for sale or start buying from your favorite vendors today with OpptyCan.

Seamless Online Payments: Paybotic Financial x OpptyCan Partnership

In an industry where secure and compliant transactions are paramount, Paybotic Financial emerges as a beacon of trust for cannabis businesses. As a dedicated cannabis-first banking solution, we understand the unique challenges faced by the cannabis industry. Our embedded ACH payment system not only simplifies the transaction process but also ensures it’s safe and within regulatory standards. By partnering with platforms like OpptyCan, Paybotic Financial empowers cannabis businesses to broaden their horizons, making it easier to conduct business online and expand their market reach. Together, we’re pioneering a new era of seamless, trusted transactions for the cannabis industry

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